Immigration Paradigm

Hello people, it is good day to fight against hostile paradigm and mental slavery in immigration topic.Probably all of you have been baffled by mainstream conservative/right- centrists\republicans stance on immigration, where they play tough guy on illegal immigration, but suddenly are total lunatics in what regards legal immigration.So, when they address illegal immigrant , they […]

Right-wing Strategy Guide, pt.1 How Culture works.

Hello people. As I am going to release several videos about  strategy and tactics of right-wing activism, I would like to , let say, lay a foundation for them in this video. Because in order to understand strategy and its meaning, you have to see, why does it have certain form or specific goals. And […]

Right-wing infighting, possible causes and solutions.

It is a good day to fight, and today we will be fighting against division and discord among right-wingers. It is not a big secret, that Right-wing political world, or right-wing sphere has quite a lot of division and infighting, which ironically, sometimes, seems to be inversely proportionate to the actual chances and abilities to […]

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