Immigration Paradigm

Hello people, it is good day to fight against hostile paradigm and mental slavery in immigration topic.
Probably all of you have been baffled by mainstream conservative/right- centrists\republicans stance on immigration, where they play tough guy on illegal immigration, but suddenly are total lunatics in what regards legal immigration.
So, when they address illegal immigrant , they might say something sane and even brave, like “hey, this illegal immigrant is criminal, he crossed borders illegally, broke our laws.  Illegal immigration is a threat to our country and order!”
But when they talk about legal immigrant, coming from the same hellhole, while acquiring some papers and permits – then suddenly he is a gift from heaven, valuable asset, super important addition to culture, and everyone doubting it – is a nazi.

What does this show – is how deep and strong is the hold of neo-Marxist paradigm and fear caused by it, when a healthy and sane view on your people`s wellbeing and future is considered a taboo, and Is replaced by pseudo-legalist position based purely in the concept of legality of immigration – so, basically, in a paperwork.
But it is just a way to hide your psychological dependency on leftist dogma. A cowardly attempt to slightly postpone the inevitable future. And it IS inevitable for anyone heading the road paved by leftist ideas.

So, then comes this method of hiding you cowardness and inability to think and act outside of the box of leftist dogma,  inability to go outside of the axiom of presumed equality of everyone on earth.
Illegal is a criminal, so it is easier to criticize him, as current dogma still allows it, even though it clearly moves forward in its intolerance towards this type of critic.
But still, it does not take much courage today.
But God forbid to say, that your country has a certain cultural and ethnic face, created by certain religion, certain ethnos and race, and it is important to keep numbers and demographics of this founding ethnos.
Now this would take some courage – and what is more importantly – it would mean, that a person is actually operating in a separate paradigm.

Paperwork is not a paradigm. Having or not having proper papers might mean something only in those conditions, where documents are somehow bound with strong ideological stance in politics.
But in real world we see something else.
A white boer from South Africa might be illegal, because he fails to get papers, while African or arab might be legal. This does not change the fact, that 1000 illegal boers are better asset to the country, than any amount of legal arabs.
Because it is beyond concept of legality to break down all those details about cultural and religious compatibility, about chances of becoming criminal or terrorist, or the overall risks to the local founding ethnos and its political and cultural hold over its own country.
It is obvious, that illegal boer immigrants would be a significantly lesser threats to political future of any European people (or European descendants as americans or australians) , compared to legal immigrants from non-compatible cultures.

Legality is not an absolute value, it might be an expression of something good, or might be expression of something vile and evil. There is no way to tell, without inspecting it further.
Therefore, stopping on legality issue, and never digging deeper – is just a sign of shallow understanding of the problem.
And it goes with everything else as well – abortions, weed, immigration, guns,  homeschooling  etc. Whatever they proclaim legal or illegal.
Today they are erasing your history and culture, tomorrow they will declare illegal to mention facts of your history – so what, will it make it somehow different?

So, no, immigration is not per se bound with legality. It might be, with perfect conditions, when patriotic  people have full control over borders, over legislation, but usually it is not a case.
Therefore you simply must think  deeper, to find roots of an issue, instead of working with tools of bureaucratic system like paperwork and passports.

This is the reason I was very skeptical about some American conservatives who were raising concept of legality to a pedestal, while trying to win arguments with leftists on illegal immigration issue.
It is a dead end and a very poor choice of argument.
It is almost as bad, as soviet dissident in 1947 trying to prove something while operating with soviet laws. Not only those laws are not under your control, not only they are subject of change, not only they don`t represent the essence of your concerns –  by appealing to temporary laws, documents and legality, you are creating a picture of a weak and shallow system on your side.
Nobody would voluntarily limit himself with laws, while trying to win in a cultural and ideological war.

It is a clash between paradigms, not a clash between papers of different types, not a clash of stamps, cards, or passports of different colors.
You start winning by establishing (or rather refinding) independent and impenetrable system of your own values and goals. Your own justice. Your own morals. Your own understanding of what is acceptable and what is not.

If instead you stay on enemy`s field, where he defines what is acceptable and moral, and you just try to cling to man made laws and papers, which don`t have absolute power and value – in this case you will lose.
The idea of equality in immigration issue is a trap, it is an inevitable win scenario for those, who control equality paradigm  – this is why they are so succesfull in shifting Overton window, and demanding more and more for illegal immigrants.
Because concept of legality is not an independent paradigm. Therefore it is shifting together with ideological advances.

So, the  idea of  “if you come legally, then welcome in any case”  – is nonsense. It does not expresses interests of founding ethnos. It is shallow, it is situational, it is shortsighted and it does not create a good foundation for further battles.

Same goes for ideas like “you are welcome, if you promise to respect constitution and freedoms” .
Again, conservatives rooting for this nonsense are naïve at best. Or plain stupid. Or destructive.
In order to make someone respect your culture, you have to be in absolutely dominant position.
Only then, when you have 95-99% of your native population in a country, you might set some conditions and rules for those few percent of occasional immigrants.

However, when you live in a country, when you can hardly keep presidents and parties from committing treason, when you have hostile universities, when your churches are infiltrated, when your culture is under constant attacks and finally – you have zones where you will be beaten just because you are white  – well, in this case, you can not have any, not a slightest hope of making millions of immigrants assimilate into your weak and attacked culture.

Therefore, when I see so called conservatives, who struggle with existing immigrant population, but claim to have nothing against further influx of legal immigrants – I can only assume they are either out of their mind, or they are so afraid, that it is better to pose as idiots, rather to stand for sanity in immigration issue. 

Anyway, that is for now, although I guess we could bash this type of deficiencies in current mainstream politics for hours.
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The real threat to Democracy.

It is a good day to fight, and today we will be discussing democracy, or rather how democracy is twisted to be suitable for certain groups of ppl.
One of the most frequent ways to twist or to distort the nature of democracy, is to present it as a regime of procedures and formalities.
This is very handy for those groups, having enough resources to control and influence those procedures.
The problem is, that formalities were never a soul or the expression of the true nature of democracy, and they were never a good measurement of it.
Even elections aren`t the foundation of democracy, even though we are told so every day. Why do they repeat this? Because that is a very handy situation for them, when people believe, that just having  more or less honest elections – means that everything is ok with our democracies.

Sir Winston Churchill, in his famous speech in 1947 , which had that famous quote about democracy (which sounds as) – “ Many forms of Government have been tried, and will be tried in this world of sin and woe. No one pretends that democracy is perfect or all-wise. Indeed it has been said that democracy is the worst form of Government except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.…’ – so, in the same speech he actually added some other valuable remarks on democracy and its nature.
He said:
Democracy is not a caucus, obtaining a fixed term of office by promises, and then doing what it likes with the people. We hold that there ought to be a constant relationship between the rulers and the people. “Government of the people, by the people, for the people,” still remains the sovereign definition of democracy” …
and then :
Democracy, I must explain to the Lord President, does not mean, “We have got our majority, never mind how, and we have our lease of office for five years, so what are you going to do about it?” That is not democracy, that is only small party patter, which will not go down with the mass of the people of this country.

But it is not Parliament that should rule; it is the people who should rule through Parliament.

All this idea of a handful of men getting hold of the State machine, having the right to make the people do what suits their party and personal interests or doctrines, is completely contrary to every conception of surviving Western democracy.

Quote ends, now, I am not a biggest fan of Sir Winston Churchill, but have to admit, this was spot on remarks.

We could say, that even delivering on some promises that were put in a party program – is not a true essence of democracy.
The essence is the rule of the people, of the nation.
But if we would move away from copy-pasted constitutions and trite, worn out phrases, we will see, that the rule of people, requires a lot more that having parliament (or senate, president etc). And I would certainly refrain from using words as “representation” because we are hardly represented anywhere anyway. We just have some sort of governing body. Legitimized through elections.

Anyway, the actual rule of people, or self governing requires a lot more than that.
it requires certain qualities distributed among population. It requires information and methods to influence the way country is heading, and not just once in a 4 or 5 years, but on regular basis.
For democracy to work, we would need a live and energized process, which would certainly disregard some armchair concerns on equality or multiculturalism.

Democracy requires a strict selection, it demands better human material.
The more rights  – the more responsibilities – the more selection there is

this is the inner logic of democracy, logic which prevents democracy from self-destruction, prevents it from degeneration.
This is the logic which you get, when you throw away lies about sole and utmost (?) importance of elections or party system.

What do we get instead of this, instead of following the inner logic?

– total formalization of processes, while ignoring the most important thing – the state of people, who are supposed to rule certain land. While ignoring conditions, which are necessary for these people to be properly raised and educated, to be able to rule.
Egalitarianization, making everyone “equally bad”, and liberalization of democracy are giving to current so called elites even more power and ways to buy votes or to manipulate voters.
And we have all those talks about further decrease of voting age, of giving more voting rights to migrants, which will just widen the field for potential manipulation.

The more equal degenerates you can put into formal democratic processes   – the less influence will have those people, who still remember what was the essence of democracy. The easier it will be to shut them up.

– the groups of active and loud Non government organizations are trying to portray themselves as “the real spirit of democracy” or the very nature of democratic processes. But in the  most cases they are just professional activists, who have nothing to do with people, and who answer only to their sponsors. In no way they reflect ability of common man to influence his country.

-Establishment is becoming so rigid and isolated in its current form of state within the state, that it has no problems with labeling half of the population as fascists and deplorables. Shut down this, stop financing him, silence those, this one is racist, that one is extremist – where is the rule of people in it?
This is just a game of semi-closed private clubs, hiding behind some formalized pseudo-democratic procedures.

-Media is only concerned on how to explain, why certain views should not be represented in government.
And obviously, they are not doing it on the basis of identifying infantile opinions of dependent classes, whose views could lead to tyranny or economic collapse. No. They are just filtering on the basis of ideology.
Masses of dependent or even mentally unstable people are portrayed as  beacons of democracy, while people advocating for common sense  -are labeled as archaic savages and threats.

In certain way, profanation of democracy suits too many different people. It suits degenerate groups, dependent parasites, it suits neo-Marxists, it suits the whole bunch of different beaurocrats, partocrats and politicians, sucking wealth and powers through this system.
This is why we never gonna see any significant discussion of this sort.
SO we have degradation of democracy into controlled and manipulated set of formal procedures, when crowds of dependent degenerates are selling legitimation to isolated political classes for some welfare bonuses – and situation like this is highly dangerous even without any ideological subversion.
it just creates a very hostile atmosphere, where healthy and independent people with common sense are aggressively attacked and ostracized by this alliance of ruling pseudo-elites and their minions. 
Add to this openly hostile and subversive ideological groups of radical left – and you will see, that democracy can only be saved by radical measures going far outside common democratic procedures.

So, to summarize –  we starting to forget,  that democracy in its inner logic is one of the most demanding system out there . It is a system that actively demands, that everyone participating in governing process would become even more responsible, independent, strong and resolute.
Democracy hates cultural liberalism, democracy hates masses of weak degenerates.
It might be not what you heard about democracy from mainstream media, but it is certainly what democratic logic dictates, to preserve this systems functions.
Cultural liberalism tells you, that you can be as pathetic as you want – you still have all the rights.
Democracy demands more and more from you, and it demands brutal selection and cleansing of voter base, in order to operate with efficiency, and to avoid degenerating into ochlocracy – the rule of the mob (usually the controlled by someone mob).
If you lack in quality department – you will never be able to have truly democratic society.
In feudalism it can be compensated by aristocratic classes taking most important roles.
In absolute monarchy it can be compensated by careful selection of administrators.
But there is no way to compensate for losing quality material in democracy – because quality human material is just essential for this system. 
You fight for quality, or you lose everything.

Therefore, if you see a politician, claiming to be democratic, but never addressing the state of people, never addressing issue of raising proper responsible rulers – then you know, that this is not democratic politician. It is just another fan of procedures, which gives him legitimation and power to rule over dependent herd.

True democratic politician will be concerned about the shape of people of particular country.
He will be concerned, whether they are independent enough to make proper decisions, whether they are informed enough, whether they are brave enough, to face challenges and take responsibility.

Real democrat always thinks about human material first, and procedures and formalities second.
Real democrat never praises equality, as it is not making democracy any stronger,
He never makes rights unconditional, but rather makes them bound to cultural and religious standards and norms.
Distributing rights for him, means distributing even more responsibilities.
making country democratic  -means making majority of people self-sufficient, strong and culturally united, as disloyal or weak population will destroy democracy, or will degenerate into ochlocracy very fast.

Do you see many politicians like this? Probably not.
Do you still hear about democracy on every corner? Probably yes.
This is how you know, that definition of democracy was twisted and distorted, and its initial spirit and nature were buried under meaningless procedures, which do not stop democracy from degeneration, and serve only to certain groups of people and their interests. 

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Fear strategies, and why they do the job.

Good day friends, todays topic will be fear. How it is used to turn ppl into mindless cowards, but most importantly – how fear was established as one of the main driving force or factors in modern day civilization, or better to say – in what is left of that civilization.

Everyone is talking now about how fear strategies are used to create Orwellian system, where ppl are stripped of their rights and dignity, through fear, by making them believe, that it is in their best interest to give up on everything they had.
the real question – why is it possible to use against us in such effective fashion.

The problem originates from the fact, that our lives lost meaning ABOVE physical existence.
You could say, that physical existence is one of the few valued things that are left.
Ironically, when you erase all the other more important things, but leave just existence in the name of existence –  your life is inevitably getting less valued. It becoming empty and meaningless.
Because it is very hard to add any value to what appears just a “clamp of cells”, which has no other context of existence except of fear to die and to turn into nothing. The whole life starts to rotate around attempts of postponing this inevitable demise.

So at the end of the day, you have a value of life bound to fear of pain and death. Fear of stopping to exist.
This is probably the most pathetic and laughable foundation for any society ever. It is a dead end, it is a dead soil, on which nothing can grow. No culture in the world, throughout whole history, was based on such foundation.

Having this said, is it really a surprise, that someone decided, that this herd of cowards can be controlled through fear, panic, threats etc.? Is it surprising, that the rest of our, relative values and relative rights, are taken away through fear strategies?
In fact, it is a very logical strategy, to use against modern day society, a stategy which is abusing the most apparent weakness in societal  defenses.
Because, what is the point of fighting for your rights, if on the top of the list of your priorities, is fear, and desire to preserve comfort and remains of stability. In the name of WHAT to fight??
In the name of what, you could start a crusade for reclaiming your rights, when the very threat of losing comfort and physical existence – beats everything else you have.

This in turn creates a wicked circle  – if there is nothing greater than life and physical comfort, there is no fight for rights. As there is no fight for the rights  – you won`t have them at the end of the day. As there is no rights or values in your life – your physical existence also loses meaning and value.
With the lack of values greater than life – your whole life becomes a hostage of fears.

This is one of the reasons, why I was more or less sympathetic to those ppl, unwilling to avoid churches in times of coronavirus.
I am not God`s prophet to proclaim whether someone should risk his health , and I have no ways of measuring the strength of your faith if you go to church while having a risk of contraction infection, and I don`t know what God wants from you in this particular case.  That is just above me.
But what I can say for sure – that the faith that tramples fear – was one of those things which were giving immunity to our society. One of those things that were adding value to our lives, raising them from mere existence.

So, when there were debates above the risks of masses of ppl going to churches on Easter – I wasn`t sure that the very desire to ignore potential virus was a bad thing. In fact, despite all the risks – it was a sign of civilizational potential.
You might dislike ppl for not listening to doctors, but doctors do not create absolute values. Faith does.
Now , again, I am not supporting mindless risk, and I don`t want losing any Christian people to this virus.
But the spirit they had – that is something I will admire despite my personal stance on avoiding crowds and tense social contact.

Without spirit like this, without any display of powers, traditions, values above physical existence – we are losing faith in our future. We don`t see, how things could become better, if there is no people willing to risk their lives.
We feel it, therefore we are losing hopes (sometimes subconsciously ) – and this is why doomer type views are spreading.

And the last thing to add here.
Christianity had this great thing, one of the fundamental, key concepts – don`t be afraid. Concept which filled Christian views throughout its history.
And it had one fundamental difference from modern day calls against panic.
Christians didn`t build their concept on premises that “everything will be ok” .
It was never a proposition not to be afraid because you will be safe and rich.
No, you should not be afraid, because of your immortal soul, because of your journey to God, because of the grand goal of preserving purity of your heart and soul and keeping your faith etc.
You are not afraid because no one on earth can kill your soul, unless you help them in destroying it yourself.

This changed a lot the very perspective, the point of view, from which everything was judged and evaluated.
It raised on top of the priority list those values affecting your soul, rather than things affecting only physical existence.

Today, people are unable to overcome their fears without numerous assurances and guearantees on  their safety and wellbeing.
This is why artificially created panic and hysteria, is so effective in forcing ppl to give up on their rights. (and it is not only about coronavirus hysteria – the same thing was used with climate change and gun rights infringement)

if you have no reference point OUTSIDE of your guaranteed comfort and wellbeing – you lose ability to overcome fear. As fear becomes the most powerful factor in your life.
ppl like this, could try to calm down, they could try to read only positive news, positive bloggers, or isolate themselves from television – but eventually, they will succumb, as they can`t run away from fear forever, and without ability to eliminate fear on fundamental level – it is just a matter of time till someone will find how to get into their heads and hearts.

So, as you can see, everything is intertwined, and just like I said in some of my previous videos on how culture works, you can not throw away things you don’t like in your culture, hoping to preserve all the things you enjoy , such a comfort or wellbeing.
Because your wellbeing was not deserved by you, but rather by those generations before you, who had those absolute values, you deemed annoying or archaic.
And our generation inherited a lot of undeserved good things, which are impossible to preserve with current list of priorities.

As you become weaker, and less willing to risk your life in the name of absolute values, forces that might thrive at your expense, will sense this change, and will beat you back, or beat you down to the level of rights you actually deserve according to your cultural state, according to your state of mind and soul.

And then some naïve people will wonder, why can`t we just gather together and reclaim our rights, why can`t people fight back.
well, because you threw away something important.
Just like there is no organized army without leadership – there is no freedom without strong cultural foundation. 

So, the morals of this story – stay true to time tested values, stay true to your faith – they lasted so long because they were crucial to your culture and humanity. And your civilization will last only as long, as those values will last (or at least their cultural inertia).

Anyway, that is it. Thanks for listening, see you next Monday!

The Pandemic Of Fear

Good day friends. I didn`t think, that I am going to post anymore videos from my last one, since my life have changed quite drastically, and I lost like 99% of my previously available free time… however, these so called anti-coronavirus measures have shut down pretty much everything, including studies and military exercises, so suddenly, I got some spare time.
Spare time coupled with madness all around me, so I kind of feel like I have to post couple of videos now.

I am not going to say much about virus itself. Hopefully there is enough information to keep yourself safe and aware – like avoiding crowds and affected countries for a while, eating healthy, having good rest .
Anyway, most of those things that could be discussed about virus itself – are more or less obvious and well known.
Viruses are nothing new, viruses mutate, but they also might get weaker, while adapting to humans (like some other viruses did before. And now we don`t hear about them anymore, because they don`t cause much troubles.)

Some other things, like China`s communist party being a pile of crap, or the fact, that dependency on China`s manufacturing – was a mistake, or the obvious importance of national borders, or the fact that that every country should spend less money on government and refugees, and instead spend more money on our own vulnerable elderly people, to ensure, that we have some healthcare reserve to outlast the outbreak of any disease  – all these things were pretty obvious long before coronavirus hysteric .

therefore, we are gonna concentrate on this hysteric itself and the consequences of these so called anti-virus measures.

First off all, it is painfully obvious, that what we saw, was a pretty idiotic reaction from many governments across the world.
Instead of securing borders and not letting the virus in, which would for sure somewhat hurt economy, but at least would preserve its inner parts largely unaffected, instead of this, we saw quite the opposite – lackluster prevention, coupled with draconian and hysterical measures threatening almost every economy sector in a particular country.

Everything was counter intuitive. Because now, we know, that it is not an apocalypses. Instead of scary videos from China, where people were allegedly dropping like flies on the streets, we now understand, that things are not that bad, that virus has relatively low mortality level, and it mostly affects people with serious health problems.
Which is not a reason to ignore it, or to let someone die without helping him, but it is obvious now, that looking back at this year, we will see just a small increase in mortality rates, not some sort of death of humanity.
Which is exactly what some governments and media pictures.
But manipulation with statistics and fear mongering will not change the very fact, that seriously ill, elderly people, can`t die twice, and many of them would die this year without any coronavirus whatsoever – so, if you think about it, we will get a decrease in mortality in  every other serious illness – starting from lung and heart diseases, and ending with cancer. Coronavirus itself is not a black death, but it is dangerous for already endangered people.
If you want to get real picture – you should measure mortality in average, including this future decrease in mortality (because people can`t die twice, and what we see now, is a mortality of a limited pool of people, so many of the graphs you see, where they picture some sort of exponential and eternal growth of death rates – are manipulations) .
It might sound a bit cynical at first glance, or too pragmatic, but if we are about to make some grand decisions based on the fact “that people are dying” – then we have to get a clear picture, not a hysterical manipulation.
We were fed enough of this on every issue before – starting from guns, and ending with taxes.

So, we are presented with some dubious peak figures, while assuming, that somehow it can go like this for years, unless we hide in caves and give all the powers to government or global institutions. |
But no, it is not true.

Not only viruses of this type tend to lose its deadly capabilities (where are now SARS, or MERS?), but with enough young and strong people beating this virus, you can start gathering antibodies from serum, to support immunity of other people. Let alone, ppl who can get through this without complications, will be effectively blocking spread of this virus in future.
So, in any case, this is very far from being the last hit on humanity or the reason to give up on all your rights, and to transit all the powers to your beloved government.

And that is where the catch is, with all this hysterical screaming .
Not only people are paralyzed, not only they starting to look after some sort of big brother, they lose ability to think. They are overwhelmed with fear, and thus lose ability to prioritize threats properly.

Now, I am not sure, what is happening in your country, but here, we are starting to sink. Unemployment increases already beats coronavirus victims by thousands times. And it is only beginning – as what we have now is partially mitigated by early march economical stats.
After a month of this self-destructive measures, we will get a full scale crisis, with high chances on a recession.

And this is what makes it all even more absurd.
So, government, supposedly, is concerned about health of society. And then it takes measures, which are ruining lives of millions, because some people died.
Supposedly died from a virus. Oftentimes at a very old age. Oftentimes having multiple dangerous diseases. Died just like billions of people before them. 
Is it about healthcare? Is it about preventing people from being ill?

well, to justify  what government is doing, we would have to separate health and nutrition, health and being able to visit a doctor, health and being able to buy medicines, health and being able to get a rest and good sleep, health and stress, health and money, health and being employed, health and being able to choose less dangerous jobs, health and depression, health of workers and being able to pay workers decent salaries, their health and being able to give them best work conditions etc etc.

Literally everything in this world will affect your health in certain way. But is there a better way to make sure that a health of a man will deteriorate, than putting him in a situation of deep economical crisis, preventing him from paying for his rent, for his food, forcing him to eat crappy food, making sure, that his workplace (even if it stays, which is unlikely) will never be as good or comfortable as it was before, drastically increasing probability of suicides etc.

So, apparently, pushing everyone into a huge crisis, is somehow making their health better, because now, they won`t die from coronavirus (which was a low probability anyway) , but they could die from a flu, from a malnutrition, from not attending doctors, from not having conditions to treat every freaking other disease, except for Covid-19.
How is this madness any better for health?

How is closing your business, firing dozens of people, turning your life into unstable crap – is better than having coronavirus somewhere around?
Oh, and there is topping for this stupidity – even with all these measures, virus is expected to reemerge again after summer.  Pretty much every honest scientific prognosis makes it obvious, that even with tough measures, second wave is eminent. It was never a surprise. It was never a “ hidden knowledge”  – it is just something our governments or media, or hysterical parts of our society tend to ignore.

The real question – why all of this is ignored?
When people are witnessing something as organized and destructive in the same time, they go for two answers.
the first one  – “ oh, our great and wise government is so progressive, that it goes along with all the other wise leaders! Obey folks, we are under siege by this evil virus!! No time to think!”
Or the second version – “ they react the same way, because they are organized into secret organization, and everyone is following orders, they ruin everything on purpose, because they are pawns of you know who” .

While it is painfully obvious, that your typical modern-day government is hardly great and wise, it is still good idea to analyze, how modern political conditions and mentality, are paving roads for horrible ideas and destructive reactions.

First of all,
There is that idiotic mentality of a “Swedish girl” – “ omg, we must do something!! Does not matter what, just do something already!”
This feminine mentality is plaguing our societies today. And this is the real danger.

You can treat covid-19, but it is freaking hard to treat society, that operates on hysterical feminine pattern of reactions.

It started to be a problem from the times, when women got right to vote, but it became much worse, when women mentality got into politics, and turned those, who thought to exploit it, into modern day politicians.
They started to be affected, to be forged by the psychology of masses of their voters.
It is two-way street – you are granting voting rights to women, to use them, they are demanding something, you adapt and change, and finally, you enter  in some sort of symbiosis, where you are inter-dependent, and shaped and influenced by each other.

The second big reason is the system of power and its roots.

Modern power does not come from dynasty, religion, greatness or even military successes.
It comes mainly from two sources – from collective power and resources of governing bureaucracy, and by forming dependent classes of people, who can`t exist outside of accepted pattern. And therefore don’t challenge the status-quo.

If government would care about your safety – it would advise you to wield knife, or to buy a gun.
But they don`t want you to be a subject of ensuring your own security. They want you to stay on the level of object. Object of their “care”, or simply –  being dependent on them.
This is why whenever government comes up with some plan to “protect people” – people do nor emerge as more resilient, tough, brave, independent. They turn into even more dependent herd.
They will avoid by all cost any possibility of waking up some fundamental instincts, or God forbid, raising you rank in hierarchy, by making you stronger.

They will make sure, that the “center of your life” will be shifted towards the state and government, instead of being somewhere around your family, religion or your compatriots.
Therefore, your responsibility will be turned into “law-abiding” responsibility. Your role is small – Obey, inform, snitch, avoid, refrain. Big brother will take all the burden from you.

Government Care should only increase dependency, and you should only react and adapt to those new regulations or rules.
All the societal, all the religious or family structures and institutions, despite being a very complex and important for your country and civilization, should never produce a meaning of its own. Should never create an idea outside of existing dependencies.
Whenever governing class takes care of you – you will end up less and less ready for next challenge. You will be discouraged and lost, looking for protection.

That is the idea – to take you away from the structure of society, and to connect you directly to government structure.
It is like those pathological relationships, where woman gets angry, when man goes to gym, loses weight or becomes a better man overall.
Because she found him when he was a simp, fat, poor, and had no other choice, but to be with her.
And now suddenly she feels threatened
In healthy relationships a man becoming better – is a reason to be happy, but government is not in healthy relations with you.
You are weak, and they want to feel power, they want to preserve current disbalance.

Epidemic (even exaggerated) is a great chance for them to show you your place, to remind you who you are, and to whom you should run after help.
If it crashes economy… well, so what? Does it break the main rule, of not making you stronger or self-sufficient? No, quite the opposite.

Thirdly, there is probably a financial reasoning behind this bold crushing of economy.
Even though people get poorer, top ranks of bureaucracy, operating budgets, distributing taxes –  are not going to be the most affected.
In fact, many of them could be the future owners of some businesses that went through hardships and got their market and share price dropped, some of those people might end up in nationalized industries, with huge salaries etc.
Some might want to hide dubious schemes they were involved previously. Who will investigate that strange contract, when there is a global crisis?

Another reason, might be a herd mentality, especially in some less significant countries, who are not leading trends, but follow them.
Governments are not formed from people with strong backbone. So, being affected by media hysteria, or by screaming of some loud minorities, or NGOs – is totally possible.
In fact, a lot of bureaucrats, even in big countries like Germany, are incredibly pathetic breed – a product of corrupt party system, without any leadership qualities.
So, it would be quite hard to imagine them standing against anything big. 

Lastly, we can`t exclude the fact, that totalitarians were talking about “great hardships that we can overcome only as a global world”. They promised wars, they promised climate change, the end of world because of oil, or melting of icebergs – basically, they tried to use everything from their fearmongering deck of cards, against nations and free people. 
There are different opinions on whether globalists and totalitarians benefited from Chinese virus or not, but there is no doubts, that every problem would be used by your local totalitarians in their own game, even if they just jumped on the bandwagon.
It might seem very organized of course, as it happens in Europe, in Russia, in China, and it is like a global concentration camp being built separately, but it is difficult to distinguish between different motivation and reasoning.
Is it globalist totalitarians, or just local kleptocracy strengthening its hold, or is it just natural tendencies of governing classes, or mb just a local hobbit of treating ppl like crap? – there a lot of factors in it to give just one universal answer to why things are heading certain way.

Anyway, one thing is clear – there is one road, you can never go wrong with.
Keep your social circle, family, religious community, military club or whatever you have , don`t lose connection with them, overcome hardships together, approach everything the state offers you with question – will I emerge stronger? Will my social structure stay self-sufficient, or will we be broken and splintered, to be reconnected to governmental programs and structures?

But don`t fall in extremities –  national organization is good, it is just the fact, that government is less and less national and religious – so they are NOT YOURS organization anymore.

Virus exists, there is a very very small chance of it being total hoax, but this is certainly not an end of the world.  There is a lot statistical manipulation going on, that is for sure.

Even though there are manipulation – there is no need to take risk for no gains, and it won`t hurt to take precautions, and to take care of your parents and grandparents, and to make sure they eat healthy, know what to do, and have ways to avoid being exposed without necessity.

Remember, that health is not a separated issue – it is a combination of factors. Don`t let anyone tell you, that being a homeless and hungry – is better than contracting infection (plus, you have high chances anyway, when the next wave emerges) .

One last thing to remember – if someone can take away your rights, under pretense, under fake, hysterical reasoning – you never really had these rights.
Apparently, they were not deserved, they were only inherited, therefore it takes actual MODERN DAY efforts to preserve what was inherited. Otherwise, things will deteriorate very fast. 
Just like inherited wealth is so often lost by stupid heir, who lacks qualities of father or grandfather.

thanks for listening, stay safe. Sometimes it might mean staying at home to prevent contracting infection, sometimes it might mean disobeying orders of wannabe slaveowners.
It is up to you to prioritize threats.
One thing is clear – no virus in  this world is ever gonna be as sinister and deceitful as your typical beloved government and self-proclaimed prophets of progress and no virus in  this world is ever gonna be as stupid as masses of cowards, who have no other meaning in their life except for staying safe and alive.

Anyway, probably I m gonna release some additional videos, as this hysteric made so many problems obvious. And it hurts to see how everything so twisted and distorted by this madness. It hurts to see  yesterday`s sane ppl turning into cowards and starting to glorify totalitarian measures, or how some former believers turn into scared herd, whose only concern is survival at all cost, at the cost of their faith and their values. So, anyway you might wanna check this channel next Monday.

 Have a nice day guys.

Right-wing Strategy Guide, pt.1 How Culture works.

Hello people.
As I am going to release several videos about  strategy and tactics of right-wing activism, I would like to , let say, lay a foundation for them in this video.
Because in order to understand strategy and its meaning, you have to see, why does it have certain form or specific goals.
And to understand this, we have to talk a little about culture and how it works. As we can`t make any cultural changes without knowing what and why we are doing.

This is the problem that infests some moderate conservative circles in US, and what we would call a liberal or democratic nationalists in Europe.
Some of them, especially in America love to talk how they fight in a cultural war. However, their successes are quite negligible, and it is very far from any turning point.

And what many of those conservative influencers or think-tanks do – is they operate in a liberal paradigm. Which means that they are forever blocked from making truly revolutionary breakthrough, as the liberal paradigm was not created to give them this power.
This means, that they are limited to a merely creating a dissident faction in a liberal paradigm`s boundaries.
Which might be useful to slightly undermine the absolutism of liberal paradigm, but it is very far from the goal of saving western civilization, or from overturning the rules of the mentioned paradigm, and healing the wounds that were inflicted upon civilization and society.

So, what is paradigm. There are different definitions, but we will be using the one, that says, that a paradigm is pretty much a set of staples, a set of rules in the very foundation of certain system of beliefs. So, it is about the founding values, the corner stones.
The absolute values that have enough power to give a credibility to a host of lesser values, customs, cultural habits etc.
Also, by the absolute values I mean values that are independent from, you know, taste and preferences. They are larger than human life, they have power to create a long-lasting social system or relationships between individuals.
They also call for moral absolutism, instead of relativism.
So for example, in mankind history the God`s law establishes an absolute value.
The honor often becomes an absolute. And so on.

So, for example, a political custom of preserving country`s sovereignty and political independence, goes deeper than just a set of rules, that your ministry of foreign affairs uses, deeper than your judicial department procedures.
These are just consequences, they are on the surface, and they also can change a lot in their shape or form.
But the founding value that feeds all this sovereignty sentiment, would go much deeper.
It would go to the absolute value, – like honor, or religion (which were often the most hot topic when the ability to keep your preferred faith was at stake, and thus desire for independence would grow stronger) and sometimes it would go up to instincts. Like hierarchical instinct.

So why this is so important to understand. *
Let say, there is an ethnic group that wants to achieve independence for their region or their country.
If this desire is on the level of absolute value for this particular culture, you will see it`s influence across wide range of cultural expression of this people.
For example, it will have its expression in literature. Sometimes in overtly politicized way, sometimes in a subtle way. And if let say, you want to influence this particular “independence acquiring” topic in literature, you would have three possibilities

1) to influence personalities, which would be the most shallow type of influence.

2) To influence reasoning of some personalities – which means to go slightly deeper, to shape, change, strengthen or undermine some specific aspects of “acquiring independence” goals – like economic reasoning.

Or you could go even deeper, and work with values and sentiments who feed the whole chain of this different aspects. You could work with absolute values.
In fact, oftentimes, you will find out, that it is almost impossible to achieve any results without addressing absolute values.
For example, for deeply religious ppl, it was rather  common to value their faith higher than their comfort. Which means, that reasoning which is based on “achieving comfort” arguments, or self-interest arguments, may totally fail, because the founding absolute value establishes rules, which are much stronger than self-interest argument.

And it is not only about strength of different values – it is also about paradigm, where they are nestled.
Some arguments will never work in a certain type of paradigm, if they are derived from a totally different paradigm.
Again, if you talk to religious ppl – you know, that they have their own worldview and paradigm, which makes many secular points and arguments mute and useless.
The absolute value of heavenly reward, of living in accordance to God`s will – makes many other values relative and minor.

This is the power of the absolute values, moral absolutism. And this power should be kept in mind, both when we discussing the ways to shape our own community, and the ways to undermine current ruling paradigm of certain ideology. 

And the third point here is how culture works, basically.
And by the way, by culture here, I do mean something more than just a set of habits of doing something in a certain way. We are talking about foundation of culture, not just a surface.
It is important to note, that culture, which is normally derived from absolute values, or fundamental, let say, unavoidable instincts, is not something that you can freely fine-tune. It is more like a tumbler, or a switch, with  two positions – like on, and off, important – unimportant , sacred or not, absolute or relative.
So, what is important here, is the fact, that in majority of cases, when we talk about roots of a culture, we can`t expect to be able to manipulate them in any way we wish.
You see, sometimes ppl fall for illusion, that culture can be fine-tuned and manipulated up to the point when it suits them. But essentially, what is happening – is just that cultural changes are slow and not always immediately obvious , which creates an illusion of you being able to stop certain cultural trends at any point. To be able to choose freely where to stop and what to conserve.
But in reality, culture, changes between two extremities – between mentioned tumbler positions.
And this is crucial for any good strategy in a cultural war, or in an reestablishing of your own culture, because you want to be free from illusions, you don`t want to spend your energy on something, which contradicts fundamental laws.

But this happens a lot, especially today.
Just recently I saw several memes and comments about how nineties, or eighties had a lot more common sense, or how they had something presumably better, and how we should stop there, in eighties, before reaching certain cultural destinations of today.
There are even more of these sentiments about fifties.

Anyway, what is missing here – is that understanding, that you can`t conserve something in between of two extremities for too long. You can`t conserve transitionary state or phase.
You might like it the way it is between two extreme positions, but this does not change the fact that culture shifts and changes because there certain unavoidable rules. Because there are let say, cultural magnetic poles, absolute values, who shape culture in the first place.
When you undermine an absolute value, and make it relative, weaken it – culture responds with shift towards the opposite extreme position.

even though propaganda or some repressive measures can sometimes distort reality a lot, beneath the surface, it is all the same trends.
So for example, when religious element, the absolute element in a marriage was undermined, when it started to disappear, and  when the so called state marriage started to replace it, the tumbler has  changed positions.
And even though family is a not something that disappears overnight, we can clearly see the consequences, and we can clearly see the direction where everything is heading. The direction of another extreme position, because without absolute value, it just a relative thing, that is dependent on many factors, on economic situation, on propaganda, on a person`s experience –  but as marriage leaves the domain of absolute values, the domain of religious paradigm – it starts to crumble, because you could never conserve something so dependent on its own paradigm and values, when paradigm changed and values became relative.

This is not always obvious for modern ppl, they arrogantly believe that they can reject an absolute value, and still fine-tune certain cultural trends just because they wish to do it.
But then they fail.
Then questions arise, why can`t we conserve good things. Why do we always backpedal, why culture keeps declining, why can`t we just use common sense.
Well, because without a proper paradigm, based on moral absolutism, absolute values, we are at mercy of host of different factors. And if you keep in mind, that we have dedicated destructive Marxist ideology around, then it is easy to understand why everything is going to hell.
But the important point here, is that even without all those cultural Marxists, you would hardly conserve anything, if you don`t operate in a proper paradigm, which was meant to be used with your culture.

Fifties, or eighties could not be conserved, without switching that cultural tumbler back to absolute categories.
You see, you can`t say that you will allow a little divorce, but still want marriages to hold. You can`t say that you will allow a little of perversion, but only in limited amounts. Or limited by certain events.
It just does not work like this.

You can`t expect a  certain city to be mindful of  a fact, that some sort of immorality quota was already taken by another city.
You can`t expect a family to keep in mind, that another family got non-fault divorce already, and now we can`t do this again for a three months, because we still want to keep families.
It is just does not work like this. There is no fine-tuning of this sort in a culture.

Not only you can`t undermine absolute values, and still somehow keep getting their benefits, not only you can`t conserve a certain position between two extremities, you also will fail to conserve public opinions and positive society pressure on important issues. Because when your paradigm changes, or certain absolute values are shaken, the pressure also weakens.
And you can`t keep it on let say, 85% at your will.
You can`t say, that society should not condemn something too strictly, and then demand it to keep condemning it at the rate of 60%.
You might see this, at some point in time – just like we saw some combinations of liberalism and conservatism in certain periods, but it is impossible to conserve this state. Because it just  transitionary state.
You may like it, but you will never be able to conserve or preserve it.
And you will never be able to pass transitionary state values to next generation, because they will not adopt them, they will move further to a certain extreme position.
Either they will degenerate further, or they might in rare cases, try to move closer to the absolute value.
Just like with traditional catholics, who have more liberals in older generation, and got more traditionalists in younger generation.

Understanding of these basics is crucial, because otherwise you might get stuck in eternal and pointless fight against natural laws forever.
And you can`t win, if you ignore the issue of choosing or shaping a proper paradigm for your own system, for your own battle.
Recently I had encountered some excerpts from Steven Harper`s book ( he is a former Canadian conservative prime-minister).
And what was quite obvious – well, he certainly preserved some common sense, and certainly had very serious problems with left-liberal agenda, and he saw what danger it poses, he had some great points.
But the main problem I see here, is that ppl like him, are still stuck in liberal paradigm.

They are what a catholic intellectual Plinio Correa de Oliveira called semi-counter-revolutionaries.
This is ppl who rejected some parts of revolution because of certain factors – like traditional upbringing, or mb they got scared because of fast advances of revolution –  but essentially, they are not real counter-revolutionaries, even though, they may be converted . The problem is – they can also more easily accept certain revolutionary ideas and they don`t have proper foundation for a sustained fight against revolution etc.
What Plinio Correa de Oliveira defined with this terms, like counter-revolutionary, or semi-counter-revolutionary – was pretty much having a certain paradigm.
While real counter-revolutionary has a paradigm, which is completely independent from revolution, semi-counter-revolutionaries, only have some resentment against revolutionary paradigm, but they are oftentimes part of it, at least to the certain degree.
 Btw, speaking about conservatism, professor Oliveira noted, that real counter-revolution, does not try to conserve everything we have at the certain moment of time, like many modern conservatives do. So in this case, counter-revolution wouldn`t be conservative at all. It would bring revolution of its own paradigm, to fight a liberal paradigm.

And the final example of how paradigms work .
Let say you talk to a man who adores liberal democracy, and you discuss modern problems – like corruption, demagoguery of politicians, their cheap tricks, voter bribing, dubious party policies etc.
So, while you would probably criticize the system itself, and you would see, how democratic procedures will lead to all these problems, a man who adopts liberal democracy paradigm, and therefore adopts its system of evaluation of good and bad, will have a totally different approach.
As he uses a system of coordinates, where more democracy, more liberalism – means more justice, and more good stuff, he will always put it so, that the problem we have, do stem from a lack of liberal democracy, like there is not enough of it. Just like a communist, who would acknowledged pitiful state of socialist economy, would argue, that all problems are because ppl are crap, or socialism wasn`t implemented properly, or it is because of sabotage etc.
And they will fail to see, how their systems produce those very problems that infest them.

Only if you break the mental connection between a man and certain paradigm, and give him new system of evaluation  -only then he could use it to soundly evaluate democratic, liberal, or socialist system.
But without breaking free from the conditioning of his current system – he will never be able to combat its problems.
The best he could do, is to form a dissident faction inside particular system, that would still be unable to fix the system, even though they do see those problems.

So, to summarize
If we are to develop a strategy for our community building, or a strategy for a battle against neo-marxism, we have to remember this
1) culture deals with absolute values.
2) We can`t fine-tune culture, so we have to make a clear decision about absolute values, that will serve as a magnetic pole of our paradigm.
3) we have to have independent paradigm. Otherwise, we will end up as a merely dissident faction of left-liberalism.
4) we can`t wage cultural war against absolute values, while only having some relative values.
Socialism is a system of horrible, but still absolute values.
5) We have to understand, that if we adopt a system of evaluation, that is dependent on hostile paradigm – we are bound to lose. We can`t operate it better than its creators.
6) It is important to think about, what we can transfer to the next generations. We can`t  transfer transitionary state of culture, we can`t transfer moderate positions – you have to give them absolute values, even if you dislike polarization in a society – you can`t win a cultural war against fanatics, if you present yourself as a sceptic.
7) Having your own paradigm – means, that ideally, you don`t understand what the hell are those lefties talking about.
They should sound to you, like some retarded tribe, which talks about how you are forbidden to dance on Mondays because a spirit of a wild carrot will become angry, and will produce a monster carrot that will destroy your city.
Now, today, we sort of have this, with more radical lefties – they do look like loonies and idiots, but the problem is, that it might be the radical revolutionary advance that created this resentment. It is not enough. If you understand or even worse-  if you support moderate lefties, this is a sign, that you might be part of their paradigm. Radical advances do create resentment – there is nothing new in it, but without a paradigm that rejects the very roots of this advances – you are bound to become more and more tolerant towards these new agendas. If not you yourself, then your kids, who live in a new environment.

Ok, this is it. I will leave a link to this video, when we will be discussing actual strategies, so that people understand, why do I believe that some modern conservative strategies do not work, and some other strategies might be a better choice. Leave your opinion in a comment section, hit a like button, share this video  -it will help a lot to spread the word about the channel, subscribe to channel, and if you wish so, follow me on gab or twitter.
Thanks for watching, and have a nice day guys!

Right-wing infighting, possible causes and solutions.

In this video I would like to address some of the issues and possible causes of discords, and give my opinion on when attacking someone on the same political spectrum may be a good idea, and when it is destructive behavior, that leads to creating of highly toxic atmosphere. Plus some advises on community building and strengthening bonds and unity between right-wingers.

It is a good day to fight, and today we will be fighting against division and discord among right-wingers.

It is not a big secret, that Right-wing political world, or right-wing sphere has quite a lot of division and infighting, which ironically, sometimes, seems to be inversely proportionate to the actual chances and abilities to influence or affect state policies.
Therefore, infighting might be a part of psychological compensation, which hides slim chances of getting into actual policy making.
But there are also many other factors in play.

In this video I would like to address some of the issues and possible causes of discords, and give my opinion on when attacking someone on the same political spectrum may be a good idea, and when it is destructive behavior, that leads to creating of highly toxic atmosphere.
Now, in advance – don`t get me wrong – there are many people on the internet who are great, and incredibly constructive and useful – but we are looking at the conflicts here, so inevitably, this video might feel  a bit too gloomy or pessimistic because of the specific issues it is dealing with. So, yeah, be prepared, and keep it in mind.

Continue reading “Right-wing infighting, possible causes and solutions.”

Dangerous reaction to El Paso shooting – manipulation and bullying.

Again, another unplanned video, this time in response to El Paso shooting , or rather in response to the reaction that followed that shooting. It is not about tragedy, it is about the ways some ppl are using it.
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The case of J. Epstein and anti-pedophilia as a last bastion of society.

The case of Epstein shows, that anti-pedophilia, is the last issue, where society can show its principles, without being called bigots. Epstein might be dead (“suicided”), but we have to remember- that out of the long list of destructive pathologies , pedophilia is pretty much the last thing, where hate is legal. All the other pathologies were successfully legalized and are protected by the state, media and NGO.

It is a good day to fight, and today we will fight against being accidentally hanged

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