Fear strategies, and why they do the job.

Good day friends, todays topic will be fear. How it is used to turn ppl into mindless cowards, but most importantly – how fear was established as one of the main driving force or factors in modern day civilization, or better to say – in what is left of that civilization.

Everyone is talking now about how fear strategies are used to create Orwellian system, where ppl are stripped of their rights and dignity, through fear, by making them believe, that it is in their best interest to give up on everything they had.
the real question – why is it possible to use against us in such effective fashion.

The problem originates from the fact, that our lives lost meaning ABOVE physical existence.
You could say, that physical existence is one of the few valued things that are left.
Ironically, when you erase all the other more important things, but leave just existence in the name of existence –  your life is inevitably getting less valued. It becoming empty and meaningless.
Because it is very hard to add any value to what appears just a “clamp of cells”, which has no other context of existence except of fear to die and to turn into nothing. The whole life starts to rotate around attempts of postponing this inevitable demise.

So at the end of the day, you have a value of life bound to fear of pain and death. Fear of stopping to exist.
This is probably the most pathetic and laughable foundation for any society ever. It is a dead end, it is a dead soil, on which nothing can grow. No culture in the world, throughout whole history, was based on such foundation.

Having this said, is it really a surprise, that someone decided, that this herd of cowards can be controlled through fear, panic, threats etc.? Is it surprising, that the rest of our, relative values and relative rights, are taken away through fear strategies?
In fact, it is a very logical strategy, to use against modern day society, a stategy which is abusing the most apparent weakness in societal  defenses.
Because, what is the point of fighting for your rights, if on the top of the list of your priorities, is fear, and desire to preserve comfort and remains of stability. In the name of WHAT to fight??
In the name of what, you could start a crusade for reclaiming your rights, when the very threat of losing comfort and physical existence – beats everything else you have.

This in turn creates a wicked circle  – if there is nothing greater than life and physical comfort, there is no fight for rights. As there is no fight for the rights  – you won`t have them at the end of the day. As there is no rights or values in your life – your physical existence also loses meaning and value.
With the lack of values greater than life – your whole life becomes a hostage of fears.

This is one of the reasons, why I was more or less sympathetic to those ppl, unwilling to avoid churches in times of coronavirus.
I am not God`s prophet to proclaim whether someone should risk his health , and I have no ways of measuring the strength of your faith if you go to church while having a risk of contraction infection, and I don`t know what God wants from you in this particular case.  That is just above me.
But what I can say for sure – that the faith that tramples fear – was one of those things which were giving immunity to our society. One of those things that were adding value to our lives, raising them from mere existence.

So, when there were debates above the risks of masses of ppl going to churches on Easter – I wasn`t sure that the very desire to ignore potential virus was a bad thing. In fact, despite all the risks – it was a sign of civilizational potential.
You might dislike ppl for not listening to doctors, but doctors do not create absolute values. Faith does.
Now , again, I am not supporting mindless risk, and I don`t want losing any Christian people to this virus.
But the spirit they had – that is something I will admire despite my personal stance on avoiding crowds and tense social contact.

Without spirit like this, without any display of powers, traditions, values above physical existence – we are losing faith in our future. We don`t see, how things could become better, if there is no people willing to risk their lives.
We feel it, therefore we are losing hopes (sometimes subconsciously ) – and this is why doomer type views are spreading.

And the last thing to add here.
Christianity had this great thing, one of the fundamental, key concepts – don`t be afraid. Concept which filled Christian views throughout its history.
And it had one fundamental difference from modern day calls against panic.
Christians didn`t build their concept on premises that “everything will be ok” .
It was never a proposition not to be afraid because you will be safe and rich.
No, you should not be afraid, because of your immortal soul, because of your journey to God, because of the grand goal of preserving purity of your heart and soul and keeping your faith etc.
You are not afraid because no one on earth can kill your soul, unless you help them in destroying it yourself.

This changed a lot the very perspective, the point of view, from which everything was judged and evaluated.
It raised on top of the priority list those values affecting your soul, rather than things affecting only physical existence.

Today, people are unable to overcome their fears without numerous assurances and guearantees on  their safety and wellbeing.
This is why artificially created panic and hysteria, is so effective in forcing ppl to give up on their rights. (and it is not only about coronavirus hysteria – the same thing was used with climate change and gun rights infringement)

if you have no reference point OUTSIDE of your guaranteed comfort and wellbeing – you lose ability to overcome fear. As fear becomes the most powerful factor in your life.
ppl like this, could try to calm down, they could try to read only positive news, positive bloggers, or isolate themselves from television – but eventually, they will succumb, as they can`t run away from fear forever, and without ability to eliminate fear on fundamental level – it is just a matter of time till someone will find how to get into their heads and hearts.

So, as you can see, everything is intertwined, and just like I said in some of my previous videos on how culture works, you can not throw away things you don’t like in your culture, hoping to preserve all the things you enjoy , such a comfort or wellbeing.
Because your wellbeing was not deserved by you, but rather by those generations before you, who had those absolute values, you deemed annoying or archaic.
And our generation inherited a lot of undeserved good things, which are impossible to preserve with current list of priorities.

As you become weaker, and less willing to risk your life in the name of absolute values, forces that might thrive at your expense, will sense this change, and will beat you back, or beat you down to the level of rights you actually deserve according to your cultural state, according to your state of mind and soul.

And then some naïve people will wonder, why can`t we just gather together and reclaim our rights, why can`t people fight back.
well, because you threw away something important.
Just like there is no organized army without leadership – there is no freedom without strong cultural foundation. 

So, the morals of this story – stay true to time tested values, stay true to your faith – they lasted so long because they were crucial to your culture and humanity. And your civilization will last only as long, as those values will last (or at least their cultural inertia).

Anyway, that is it. Thanks for listening, see you next Monday!

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