Right-wing infighting, possible causes and solutions.

In this video I would like to address some of the issues and possible causes of discords, and give my opinion on when attacking someone on the same political spectrum may be a good idea, and when it is destructive behavior, that leads to creating of highly toxic atmosphere. Plus some advises on community building and strengthening bonds and unity between right-wingers.

It is a good day to fight, and today we will be fighting against division and discord among right-wingers.

It is not a big secret, that Right-wing political world, or right-wing sphere has quite a lot of division and infighting, which ironically, sometimes, seems to be inversely proportionate to the actual chances and abilities to influence or affect state policies.
Therefore, infighting might be a part of psychological compensation, which hides slim chances of getting into actual policy making.
But there are also many other factors in play.

In this video I would like to address some of the issues and possible causes of discords, and give my opinion on when attacking someone on the same political spectrum may be a good idea, and when it is destructive behavior, that leads to creating of highly toxic atmosphere.
Now, in advance – don`t get me wrong – there are many people on the internet who are great, and incredibly constructive and useful – but we are looking at the conflicts here, so inevitably, this video might feel  a bit too gloomy or pessimistic because of the specific issues it is dealing with. So, yeah, be prepared, and keep it in mind.

Let us briefly list some of possible causes of useless and destructive infighting between different right-wing factions, personalities and movements… on the internet mainly

  1. Psychological Compensation.
    Humans in general, and especially those politically active, tend to strive for activity, for victories, for leadership, authority and recognition among other people. When roads to these achievements are blocked – some people will start to redirect their energy to different or lesser goals. In this cases, aggressively attacking and sort of defeating someone ideologically different might seem like a worthy activity. When you can`t really achieve grand goals of stopping illegal immigration – you might be prone to redirect you attention, to find some scapegoats among “ideologically impure” right-wingers .
    In this case, small illusionary victory on YouTube might give you some sort of satisfaction and compensate for overall disappointment in politics or in social life.

    2) – Another point, is Fanatical Adherence to your own ideology, leaders or organizations. Now, this might be useful thing for a party, that actually gets into politics, because loyalty and adherence to fundamental principles may be exactly what they need to live through hardships, to patiently work on increasing their influence etc.
    But when members of a small movements, or a small organizations become aggressively  fanatical in their teachings – it will usually lead only to stagnation.  Unless you are next big religion prophet, or you somehow getting control over new wave in politics, which still, requires a lot of patience, and ability to persuade other people, rather than outright calling them useless infidel irredeemable trash.

3) Toxic Competitiveness.
Usually competitiveness is a healthy thing, which may lead to new discoveries, new strategies and higher standards. But when coupled with a wrong motivation or wrong environment, competitiveness may become toxic and destructive.
The best example of it, might be desire to score maximum retweets, or to get maximum views at any cost. Even at the expense of someone else, or at the expense of whole movement.
When right-wing sphere is oftentimes limited to podcasts and social networks – the competition becomes slightly distorted. Because it is a competition in an over-saturated field, with not that many alternatives and leeways to achieve victories somewhere else.
So, while   mainstream , center and left competes in many different fields, like education, politics, foreign policy, security, grants, exhibitions, unions  and many other fields, right-wingers are extremely limited in their current activities.
Even though right-wing ideas may have a good representation on  internet, they also compete mainly for the internet audience.
This leads to distorted perception of goals and productive activity. Which leads to infighting and toxic competitiveness.

4) – Another problem stems from the previous. Lack of Strategy. Without adequate fields of activity, without adequate goals, there is no clear understanding of what exactly one must achieve today or tomorrow. Since there is not many real life action, there is no understanding, who might be a good ally, and who brings only troubles. Internet does not reflect this properly, and personal clashes are more and more frequent, and hostile factions who group around some mainly internet personalities see no reasons to cease hostility.
So, instead of developing clear strategies, which would explain why and when you should  tolerate some differences, right-wingers on the internet are more likely to create some factions, as they see no motivation to work on ideas together. Being flashy, being edgy means more, and brings more satisfaction in terms or views or retweets. The quality of this type of satisfaction is not evaluated.

5) “Internet distortion
Speaking of quality – As real life  organizations will know, to build a good mini-community, you need adequate people.
You don`t really need edgy or entertaining folks that much. One or two will suffice to liven up the atmosphere, but mainly you need reliable members who can work on ideas and events, who have persistence, who can work with other people, who have willpower and understanding of strategy. and who have knowledge needed in that particular area where they are active. This usually defines quality in ranks of actual organizations.
Now, as you can see, it is very different from your typical internet type right-winger, where it is never about him being reliable or cooperative, but more about delivering punch-lines against SJWs or against someone deemed heretical in particular right-wing circles. It never translates well into real-world quality and it promotes different qualities.
The problem here – when you are on the internet, it is hard to look at this things from such point of view. It only becomes obvious when you participate in real-life events and activities. Therefore, internet does not create enough motivation for cooperative work on ideas.

6) Neglecting community building in favor of “owning libtards”.
6.1) Wrong priorities -> wrong role models.
6.2) Abandoning fundamental values
As you probably know , a lot of right-wing internet personalities got their fame by being ant-sjw, or anti-feminist, and while it is a good thing, it may sometimes lead to distorted perception of strategies needed to build an actual community. Just being anti-something, oftentimes fails to build a proper bonds between members of particular organization , movement or  community . Not only people are attracted to those who can actively bash lefties, while forgetting about building foundation for their own community, they also start to choose wrong people as the role models.
Imagine picking a president based on a football or basketball results? This is what happens when anti-sjw activity overshadows everything else.
While it is good to have someone on the offence, we cannot abandon everything in the name of owning libtards or something.

This is why, by the way, even the phrase – owning libtards – has got a dubious connotations lately, when some people pretty much abandoned important values and ideas, for the sake of pursuing this ‘revealing hypocrisy of the left” type of activities, and now are owning libtards by celebrating massive gay pride parades in Israel etc.

7) Hard to evaluate each other contribution.
In real-life organizations, infighting can happen as well, but if there is a decent leadership , than real life organization has a lot less of needless and groundless infighting.
This is because in real life you always know, what each member has brought to the organization or community – even if you have some disagreements, you will keep in mind that particular member is a good organizer, another member can bring some muscle to a heated event, another one can train people, someone is contributing by bringing camera and then editing videos.
The point is, that your fellow members of real community are not just names on facebook or twitter.
Which makes communication between you more considerate, because you value each other a lot more, even if you are not close friends.
This is something internet right-wingers usually lack, as groups , pages or channels are oftentimes just a place for opinion exchange, where everyone is concentrating on his opinion, while not seeing value of another opinion, since there is no common activity or means to evaluate other people contribution to the common cause.

8) No common guidelines, no judges, and no common code of behavior.
And the last point here – unfortunately, modern right-wing does not have clear moral authorities or widely accepted moral compasses to deal with infighting. There is no judges, and there is no code of proper behavior, and it is difficult to compare things, to evaluate proper contribution.
While there are certainly common values, you can`t claim that anyone who says that he is let say pro-white, pro-european, pro-western  – is actually a valuable member of community.

For example, Take a look at  religious communities – who are considered as a proper members of church or religious organizations?  Those who behave accordingly to moral standards of this organization or church, those, who lead by example. Screaming that you are pro-God, while being annoying and divisive – does not bring anything valuable, right?
Or take for example a community based around a software  – who is the most valuable member? The one most helpful, the one with the most knowledge and valuable input, the polite and kind.
No one needs a rude and ignorant guy, who just screams how every other software sucks, or how he loves this particular software, and how he would kill for it.

The same should apply to right-wing sphere, but because of distorted ways of political internet communities, who oftentimes stay on the internet forever without having clear guidelines or goals, they fail at this point. And this is amplified by the fact, that many internet users believe, that one of the best ways to make a name for yourself – is to be radical and harsh , without any regards of results and outcomes for the movements as a whole.

What can be done to improve overall situation? ,
Here is a list of possibilities

1) Engage in real life activities and community\organization building
– More real life action, more real-life experience. It is very important, to get away from the screen, from the nicknames and get together with people, see them in real life, This is crucial to build a healthy community or movement. And it gives you much better understanding of important priorities and qualities.

2) Establish common goals, mimic real-life communities.
But what if you are limited with the internet activity for now? Well, then try to build you internet community on the base of being helpful and contributing to common goal. This is why it always helps to have some common activities on your group or page or channel. Not just entertainment and reactions to news, but having some research going on, some petitions, letter or article writing, common video projects, supporting a website and  providing some help to its existence and content.
Basically, you want to mimic real –life community as much as you can (with consideration for anonymity or safety ofc), by creating an atmosphere of contributing members, instead of just some faceless “right-wingers”, who don`t really have actual common activity.
For example, you may want to study activities of other internet communities, even some non-political, lie a software fan forum, or dog owners forum – they still might give you some ideas on  internet community building, on the ways of encouraging quality contribution. 

3) Do not condone divisive people.
No matter how entertaining they might be – if someone makes his fame on constant attacks against everyone on the right-wing, and spends most of his time in constant witch-hunts –  they should not be the leading internet personalities of right-wing sphere, they should see, that their behavior is not getting them anywhere. Do not donate, do not retweet, do not subscribe, and if you comment on them – make sure, you make it clear, that their behavior is seen as destructive.

4) Let people be themselves
There is no much sense, and it is not very constructive to attack people for being moderate due to their temperament or field of activity. It is really annoying to see someone being attacked only because he does not feel confident enough to speak about particular topic and avoids it, leaving it for someone with more expertise or knowledge.
You should never aggressively force people into spouting radical slurs, when this achieves nothing. Yes, you might want to normalize it, but not at the expense of alienating people completely.

5) Promote positive people, with valuable input to the community.
Promote and support people, channels, personalities or internet communities who have a valuable input and decency, who are cooperative and willing to commit to long term strategies, to community building.
Promote those, who create content based on knowledge, observations and experience, rather than just endless “bashing and owning” everyone whom they disagree with.

6) Save your attacks for derailers, fake-right and obvious grifters – for those people, who are derailing others, who keep others as slaves of leftist paradigm. Don`t just attack ppl for merely having different views.
What would count as derailing – for example, the idea, that “without those truly racist liberals, multirace, multicultural society would be totally fine” – this is example of hard derailing. Using dissatisfaction with liberals, to promote essentially liberal agenda.
Another example of derailing, is promoting the idea, that tolerance , social democracy, social justice , feminism etc –are truly western ideas and values, and only those muslims threaten them. This creates weird situation, when leftists ideas are presented as Christian or European values, which is completely false, and only strengthens the hold of leftist paradigm over the West.

7) Attack pandering, but always offer support for standing up for one`s beliefs.
Attack pandering, and always make sure, that you make it very clear – that it is exactly pandering that annoys you. Try to put it so, that the person in question understands – fans would support him, if he chooses to stand his ground against some sort of condemnation or liberal outrage, and it is exactly pandering and humiliation, that might bring storm and disappointment among fans.

8) Attack mistakes, in order for them to be corrected

Attack for some big mistakes, but always make sure to specify them.
It looks really bad, when someone reads a personal attack in a comment section, but does not understand why on earth the person in question is attacked. He then proceeds to believe, that it is either jealousy or trolling. And he gets the impression, that a right-wing community is incredibly childish or toxic. So, don`t troll without clearly referencing to the specific sin of this person.
Ideally, you want that person to acknowledge his or her mistake, and not just to troll or annoy him or her.

9) Do not attack religion of another right-winger (unless it some sort of outrageous renegade or degenerate stuff, like “progressive pseudo-church”).
Do not try to troll him into changing denomination, it is laughable strategy, and destructive behavior. No one is going to change denomination because of being annoyed, and those who would – are usually quite dubious addition to any Church.

10) Don`t shove topics, that are considered conspiracy theories, down to someone throat.
Especially if you are interested in this audience or particular person.
Conspiracy theories have bad reputation of being a thing of political nerds, neck-beard pseudo-fascists, and generally speaking – a thing of weird people, socially awkward and isolated.
I remember one friend of mine always criticized me for not naming some groups of people, and for  preferring to stick to political affiliations. The problem was, that for him, for a person, who built his image and reputation on this topic, that was considered a conspiracy – it was much harder to saw doubts in minds, than for me to hint something similar and get a lot more acceptance, because my reputation was never about “crazy theories”, so if I hinted something, my friends would see it as fact and a real observation, as I was very far from typical “basement dwelling conspiracy guy image”.
Unfortunately , a lot of people seem to be hell-bent on idea of forcing other ppl to accept all of their theories, regardless of the fact how many clashes and division it causes.

11) Don`t be a radical for the sake of radicalism or tough guy image.
Being radical might be a good thing, but it might be destructive. Being radical in the most effective strategy, being loyal to the most efficient system – may be a good thing, but what you certainly have to avoid, is being radical for the sake of being radical. Being radical for the sake of tough guy image, for the ability to throw insults at those, who are a bit more moderate than you – this type of radicalism is childish.
Radicalism is good when it opens path for a change. When it strengthens the absolute values, that inspire people, when it normalizes something good, or pushes the Overton Window to the right – then it is fine to be radical.
However, fighting to the death with someone on the internet, when you are pretty much fringe movement without possibilities to capitalize on your super firm stance – may have some wrong reasons and motivations behind it.

And to end this , I would like to quickly summarizing everything   – widen your range of activity, bring it to real life , and it will help to develop appropriate non-internet qualities. Having additional type of ideological achievements,  organizing educational events, training sessions or exchange of ideas in real life, strengthening bonds with your actual compatriots , with your local religious community – will inevitably lead to a new, better perception of the potential of the internet communications and communities, which will alleviate all the dangerous trends I mentioned, like psychological compensation and toxic competitiveness .

So, that’s it, leave a comment if you agree or disagree with this article/video, subscribe to my channel, follow me on gab or twitter, and yeah, thanks for watching  and have a nice day!


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