The case of J. Epstein and anti-pedophilia as a last bastion of society.

The case of Epstein shows, that anti-pedophilia, is the last issue, where society can show its principles, without being called bigots. Epstein might be dead (“suicided”), but we have to remember- that out of the long list of destructive pathologies , pedophilia is pretty much the last thing, where hate is legal. All the other pathologies were successfully legalized and are protected by the state, media and NGO.

It is a good day to fight, and today we will fight against being accidentally hanged

So, everyone is talking about Jeffrey Epstein “self-liquidation” , which was probably the most anticipated, predicted and guaranteed death to happen in the whole history. Pretty sure, bookmakers would offer abysmal odds on the “death outcome” for this guy.
There are plenty of different theories – some mention Clintons, some Mossad, other people doubt whether he is actually dead, anyway, this whole story and other pedophile-gates and scandals, made me take a look on this issue from a slightly different angle.
The whole story was about “ Pedophile Epstein” – and while I am not sure, if he counts as a pedophile , considering age of victims  – but this case certainly did have a , let say,  pedophile accents or connotations, which made this case so outrageous .

And speaking about outrage – you know what  – i think to the large part, it is due to the fact, that pedophilia is pretty much the last thing you are allowed to hate legally.
Think of it – out of the long list of pathologies and poisonous trends and tendencies, out of the endless list of things, that were considered harmful, destructive and degenerate  20 or 40 years ago – you can`t attack anything but pedophilia .
The society concentration on this topic, is due to the fact that the same society was bullied into acceptance of everything else.

Lgbt ? You must love them
Immigrants – must accept
Militant secularists fighting against your faith – you must respect them
Traitorous policies  – must obey
Mentally ill people dictating you how to speak what to think – accept
Anti-military sentiments – accept it
Attacks on masculinity, real femininity? – Don`t you dare to question it bigot
Attacks on traditional family –  accept and obey

Pedophilia , thus, is the only thing society is allowed to hate, without being called a nazi or bigot
As a result pedophile-gates are so popular topics. It works as a compensation for not being able to fight against anything else.
I mean, if you take a look on different types of attacks against society, its morals and values – there are some dangers that are affecting a lot more people than pedophiles , there are things that ruin lives of millions.
But you are not allowed to voice your concerns or express your disgust.
The steam can only go out through the only one valve, only one way to unleash anger.

However, they slowly normalizing underage drag queens, and then some “opressed minority representatives” are coming to kindergarten to teach kids to twerk, and underage kids are taught to question their sexuality … So , it won`t take long, till society will be forced to accept everything.

What i wanted to say –  it is not even that good sign, that pedophilia topics are getting so much attention, if you think about the whole perspective.
It is not about crime and punishment anymore –  it is a signal, that you are so bullied, that the only thing you can protest – are those pedophile-gates. 

Even some radicals are so afraid to touch anyone else, that they switched to pedophiles – not even because of the amount of those type of crimes, but because every other crime against morals and values  – was already legalized. You are only left with pedophiles because all other groups are already protected by government, media and NGO.

So, while some people find the scale of anti-pedophile sentiments to be a good thing – i am afraid, it has more to do, with mentioned facts.
Epstein is target number one, because we don`t dare to attack anything else – it is sort of concentrated attention. And soon, we won`t be able to attack anything at all.

So, while it is a great idea to persecute powerful people for pedophilia, we have to remember, that we were kicked out sooo many other important issues , where we don`t have that courage anymore, where we immediately get labeled as nazis.

This is something we have to remember , We have battlefields to reclaim , so we can`t be all about Epstein, while we have been defeated on so many other issues.
The same spirit and courage we have in condemning this particular corrupt soul and his friends, we should use in reclaiming traditional values for our societies .

What do you think about this issues? Leave a comment, and if you liked this video, hit like button and subscribe . Have a nice day, and watch out for all those nasty ropes, hanging around and killing most important people!

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