What this is all about

Welcome to my blog! A blog for everyone willing to fight for his family, country and beliefs. And most importantly – to fight against our own weakness, apathy, depression or ignorance.
This is a “twin-blog” for my YouTube channel “a Good Day to Fight” https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHHi1GDSzFcEAqR3qvZZQUA

Just calling for a “fight for your family or your country” or “against communism”  – still  leaves you wondering, what choices to make in real life, where to go, what to learn, whom to support, how to improve – therefore it inevitably leads us to a greater discussion, on how to develop yourself, what steps to make, how to build communities of like-minded people, whom to trust and whom to avoid, how to build relationships, and how to be a decent human being, worthy of your ideas and values, worthy of your ancestors.

This will be the core of this blog, supported by sarcasm and fun ā€“ tons of it, because quite frankly, it would be too painful to observe this clown world, while being 100% serious all the time.

So, tune in for the following topics and discussions

– Ideas and ideologies – reviews , insights, analyses – conservatism, counter-revolution, nationalism,  reaction, anarcho-capitalism and many more)

– Personal growth  – what to read, what to learn, how to become stronger both physically and mentally.

– Lifestyle – what it means to be nationalist or social-conservative in real life

– Reviews on books , useful sites and youtube channels

– and news reviews


– Cringe compilations

– me trying to stay woke and stunning

– Satire and humour and relentless honk-honk

So, if you are interested in mentioned topics ā€“ put this blog in your bookmarks/favorites , subscribe to my channel.
There will be a new content every Sunday and Thursday.

Have a nice day !

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