New European Commission Presidetn, Ursula von der Leyen.

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This is transcribed version of a video from my Youtube channel:

So, EU has got a new Euro commission president , a former German ministry of defense, Ursula von der leyen.
Many have raised doubts whether such important position should be held by a former minister, who was hardly renowned for successes , but rather opposite,
here are some facts –
Her popularity was the lowest among all other ministers :

The Defence ministry under her rule has been involved in a big corruption scandals, and Ursula von der Layev was accused of nepotism and poor management :

  • While German military – Bundeswehr was experiencing huge problems :

By choosing her to serve as an one of the most important officials, EU follows its own pattern of gathering the most dubious politicians from all across the Europe
It is the same story, again and again .
Romano Prodi, manuel Barroso, Catherine Ashton, Jean-claude Juncker, Donald Tusk and now Ursula – everyone of them had either dubious past or was involved in some scandals.
In fact, i am going to make an additional video with a more detailed review on this EU leaders

Now, one might ask – but what about reputation and trust?
Why not to choose someone popular, someone strong, someone respected? Because a strong and popular leader might “rebel” against EU masterminds.
He has nothing to lose. If he is popular at home, he has a place to go, to continue his career . He can maneuver, he can be too ambitious for EU beaurocracy.

No, EU does not want strong national leaders. It wants either ideologically loyal people , who will pursue federalist project, or weaklings with a dark past.
These are the best candidates for the role of puppets.
They have nowhere to go, they are despised at home and they are incredibly loyal to those, who give them a chance to get to power, good salaries and important positions.

Some people made it look like appointment of Ursula von der Layen is some sort of another Reich establishment, or total German control over Europe.
Well, certain German politicians and groups will benefit from having her in that position, but it is hardly a success of Germany as a whole. There is nothing “national” in this. More like a success of a transnational private club.

Therefore, we can`t expect any positive changes. EU will push their federalist agenda further, and will keep bashing pro-national politicians and policies, while pretending to be an ultimate defender of democracy and human rights.

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